MatthewJukes – The Piemonte Report

MatthewJukes – The Piemonte Report

MatthewJukes – The Piemonte Report

2016 Giuseppe Cortese, Barbaresco Rabajà 17.5/20

“A very nice vintage for Cortese with the slimmer chassis of 2016 overlaying perfectly the silhouette of this rather ravishing vineyard and Cortese’s winemaking blueprint. Accordingly, this is my favourite release of this wine that I have seen in this Report and I venture that while the acidity is pert and active it will recede to reveal a beautiful creature. The nose already leads the way with its stunning perfume and demure floral stance. I am extremely impressed with this vintage and its sleek, silky message.”

(November 2019)

2015 Giuseppe Cortese, Barbaresco Rabajà

“A good vintage for Cortese with sharp, bright, raw red fruit battling with sour acidity and tannin, but the whole combat zone seems to be balanced and the nose, as a referee, looks superb and so I trust that when all of the action has died down, this wine will offer some beautiful, slim-line, cranberry and cherry tones and this wine will look very attractive indeed.”

17+/20 (November 2018)

2014 Giuseppe Cortese, Barbaresco Rabajà

“There is a hard edge to this wine, coupled with a strong oaky theme, which does not allow the fruit to be heard. The tannins are very firm and they bookend the palate, dampening any juiciness that this wine possesses. In common with previous vintages, this is a wine which doesn’t give any signposts to the taster. I am flying blind concerning whether it will eventually soften or not. I am not a gambling man, but I am not hopeful that the tannins will mellow enough to allow the fruit through.”

16.5+/20 (November 2017)

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