Italy, Piedmont: Barolo, Barbaresco & More – Lockdown Wines

Italy, Piedmont: Barolo, Barbaresco & More – Lockdown Wines

Italy, Piedmont: Barolo, Barbaresco & More – Lockdown Wines

2013 Giuseppe Cortese • Barbaresco Riserva Rabajà Rating 93

The Giuseppe Cortese 2013 Barbaresco Riserva Rabajà has a rich and sweet bouquet with plum and dark cherry. The bouquet reveals ripe black fruit notes that stand in contrast to background notes of sour cherry or cranberry

2017 Giuseppe Cortese • Barbaresco Rabajà Rating 91

Because no Riserva was bottled in 2017, Rabajà fruit went to this wine instead. The Giuseppe Cortese 2017 Barbaresco Rabajà offers tart fruit aromas of white cherry, red currant and blue flower. There are pretty dustings of crushed stone, light smoke and camphor ash. This is a lean and silky wine that offers a streamlined mouthfeel framed by linear and powdery tannins.

2017 Giuseppe Cortese • Barbaresco Rating 90

The Giuseppe Cortese 2017 Barbaresco is a pure and direct expression of Nebbiolo with a delicate approach. Wild berry, violet and crushed stone mark the bouquet. The wine shows tight tannins and a silky feel that gives it an approachable, near-term disposition. You can pair this wine with egg noodles and truffle oil.

2016 Giuseppe Cortese • Barbera d’Alba Morassina Rating 90

The Giuseppe Cortese 2016 Barbera d’Alba Morassina offers a ripe side with lots of black fruit and plum. This is a thick and succulent wine with blackberry and prune that segue slowly to bitter almond and tilled earth. The presentation is simple and linear, and the ultimate takeaway here is the natural freshness of the Barbera fruit.

2018 Giuseppe Cortese • Langhe Nebbiolo Rating 88

The Giuseppe Cortese 2018 Langhe Nebbiolo presents classic varietal aromas of wild berry, rose and crushed limestone. This is a great option if you are looking for a simple and stripped-down expression of the mighty Nebbiolo grape. It remains informal and approachable throughout, so a pairing with a sausage and broccoli pizza would do nicely. The mouthfeel is polished and light. There are tart cherry notes on the close with orange peel and even a touch of sweet peach.

2019 Giuseppe Cortese • Langhe Dolcetto Rating 87

The Giuseppe Cortese 2019 Langhe Dolcetto pours from the bottle with a very pretty appearance. The wine exhibits a brilliant ruby or garnet color. Its consistency is dark, but not too dark. In fact, the wine shines with ambient light. The aromas are basic with tart cherry or blackberry followed by dustings of crushed white peppercorn. I could see pairing this Dolcetto with an epic ham and cheese sandwich, with the melted cheese spilling onto the grill.

2019 Giuseppe Cortese • Barbera d’Alba Rating 87
The Giuseppe Cortese 2019 Barbera d’Alba is a raw and vinous wine with simple berry and cherry tones. It ends with some mild spiciness and bitterness. This is a very stripped-down red with enough freshness and berry tartness to pair with ricotta-filled ravioli or lasagna with creamy béchamel. The wine is simple and watered down.

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