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Rabajà vineyard

Size: medium-big.
Height: about 260 to 315 meters.
Exposure to sunlight: basin above Martinenga mostly south-west, the remaining part south.
Google Earth Coordinates: 44° 42' 52.54''N; 8° 5'2.01''E.

Extending as far as the Trifolera hill, the Rabajà vineyard stretches over the top of the hill that extends from Asili to Trifolera. Contrary to what is looks like from a distance, the Rabajà hill is not homogeneous and can be divided into two areas. The first, bordering on Asili, coincides with the charming amphitheater dominating the Martinenga and is mostly exposed to south-west. The second one has a more linear appearance and is exposed to south, although there are some variations due to the hill’s undulating ground. In both cases, the wine’s style is definitely more full-bodied and firmer compared with Asili and Martinenga (although the second area tends, at times, to yield a stiffer and more mineral wine).